We are an offering!
For the past two weeks we've talked about the various outreach ministries we have here at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, and the impact these ministries have had.  I think we can all agree that for a small congregation, we do a lot.  And the impact of our work goes well beyond that.  "All that we have, all that we are, all that we hope to be," is reflected in our work.  And as we've said before, it is your support that makes these ministries, and their impact, possible. 
For the past two weeks we've also asked you, as members of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, to prayerfully consider your future support of our congregation and its ministries. Our outreach ministry programs, as well as our daily/weekly operating expenses are quite costly. Your support is vital to helping us sustain these ministries.  
Today is Commitment Sunday.  If you have not already done so, we hope that you have brought your commitment card with you to worship this morning.  We ask that you put your commitment card in the red offering box located in the Narthex in the back of the church.  If you forgot your commitment card, extra cards are available in the Narthex.
And again, this year, we are also asking our members to consider automated online giving. It's an easy and convenient way to make your offering to Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, and more and more of our members are taking advantage of it. If you are not already giving online, please consider doing so.  Also, changing to automated online giving is not something you necessarily have to do today.  If this is something you're thinking about doing, it can be done at anytime during the year.  For more information on this please go to our website or contact the church office. 
Once again, we are grateful for your ongoing generosity and we thank you for your continued support of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.