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As summer is coming to an end, there are still so many activities filing our days.  One of those special days will be African Sunday and our combined Tanzanian/Greater Milwaukee Synod Day of Prayer.  Our day will include an African flavored service, a live auction lead by Emanuel Kitoi and a Tanzanian luncheon. 

Auction items will be displayed on-line and also the week prior in the narthex.   

Our Meru partners are always thankful for our prayers and gifts.  The effects of the drought, healthcare efforts and church buildings for parish growth continue.  The hospital is still very much in need of a new outpatient and emergency unit. 

Lynn Hooper is planning to head to Tanzania in October.  She has received more than 60 pillowcase dresses, flip flop sandals and some cash gifts from our partners at Journey in Faith.

Many other needs continue and include:

Prenatal Vitamins                   Tylenol/acetaminophen                     Hydrocortisone cream

Ibuprofen                                Advil                                                    Eye drops

Children’s Vitamins                 Sunglasses (adult/kids )                       Benadryl capsules/tabs

Toothbrushes                          Toothpaste                                         Bandages

Cold Medicine                         Decongestants                                    Omeprazole (Prilosec)

Reading glasses (Dollar Store)                                                           

(Over the counter medications for adults and children are useful) 

Cash contributions assist in the purchase of meters, strips, lancets for the many diabetics. 

Bishop Kitoi and Elly always send their love and grateful thanks for our support in Meru.    

In order to have a lunch that day, please consider helping with the set-up, prep and clean-up. We have a sign-up for that in the narthex and will also have one for lunch attendance to get an estimate for the food needed.  We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  Contact Lynn Hooper or Pastor Matt. 

Asante Sana and Karibo!!!!